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Ideal destination for those who love culture and relaxation, suitable for young and even not so  young  tourists. Here, still after 2500 years, we find Selinunte, the furthest colony to be founded by the Greeks, immersed in the largest archealogical park of Europe, where the majestic  remains of antique temples and sacrificial alters still stand. The wildlife preserve “Foce del Fiume Belice” (mouth of the belice river) with the characteristic  features of its meditteranean bush. The fishers’ port and the fish market, where you can actually witness the fresh fish right off the boats being auctioned to the best bidders. Then there are  several souvenir shops, cafès, pubs, wine shops, open air discos and much more for a lively  night life. A stay in Selinunte is within anyone’s reach. There are over 10,000 rooms for accomodation in  the various hotels, bed and breakfast and vacation homes in the area. For beach lovers there is  an enormous coast of over 8 km of private and public fine sand beaches.
Italy without Sicily leaves no image in the soul. Sicily is the key to everything. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Palermo - april 13, 1787
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